Organize a Fundraiser

You care about our cause and wish to do your part? If you are interested in organizing a fundraising activity or event for the benefit of Educaid (whether in part or in full), contact us today at 418 651-8990 or at

Become a Partner  

There are various ways to become a partner. You can:

  • support the Educaid cause
  • become a Persevera partner by sponsoring one or several students
  • support one of our benefit events by donating funds or providing goods and services
  • become a partner of Educaid’s Back to School by helping us collect or buy school supplies.

For further information, contact Mélanie Kéroack, Executive Director, at 418 651-8990, ext. 1 or at

Become a Volunteer

You are driven and want to give some of your time to make a difference for young students? There are various ways to become a volunteer. You can:

  • become an active member in one of our committees
  •  help out during one or several of our fundraisers
  •  help us collect new or second-hand school supplies.

To convey your interest fill out the online form.

Donate School Supplies

Educaid collects new or second-hand school supplies and distributes these among high schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. If you wish to donate supplies, contact us at